Every octave on the piano is formed of twelve keys. The space between each of these keys is half a note. Every scale is formed out of seven of the twelve keys from the octave.

The current keyboard layout has seven white keys that would only match with two scales: A minor and C major. Between these seven white keys there are five black keys. These five black keys – by being placed between the white ones – cause there to be a half a note between each key. This allows us to play any scale, but will cause us to form a separate pattern of keys for each scale.

The idea of the my keyboard layout is as follows:

A keyboard which in each octave there are six white keys and between them six black keys, without any match to any scale pattern. Just that the space between every white key will always be a full note and always a half a note between every black key and a white key.

The benefits of this keyboard layout compared to the current keyboard layout are many:

Possible problems:

This website which presents the benefits of the my keyboard layout versus the current layout. This virtual keyboard can be played with the computer keys.

Chords Comparison